2013 Elections Result


Associated Student Government Judicial

On Friday, March 15, 2013, ASGJ hereby announces the following as unofficial election results in regards to the University of Arkansas Associated Student Government Executive Board and Associated Student Government Senate 2013-2014 Elections.

In addition, ASGJ also submits to the Office of the Chancellor, for his consideration, the following ASG Constitutional Referendum Items.

With a total of 5,253 votes cast in the 2013-2014 ASG Senate and Executive Elections, the unofficial results are as follows:

President, Associated Student Government

               James “Bo” Renner- 2854

Will Simpson- 2399

Vice President, Associated Student Government

               Ellie Keffler- 2854

Ellen Rudolph- 2399

Secretary, Associated Student Government

               Lindsey Bach- 2782

Drew Blythe- 2471

Treasurer, Associated Student Government

With no one candidate receiving a majority (50% +1) of the vote, the following individuals will participate in a Run- Off Election to be held Thursday, March 28th – Friday, March 29th. These two individuals received the highest number of votes:

Matthew Chaffin- 2234

Will Strickland- 2042

Stewart Pence- 977

Senator, Dale Bumpers College of Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences (4)

               Ashton Dawson- 229

               Jordan Wilson- 178

               Elleott Amick- 167

Prefer not to Respond- 129

Senator, Fay Jones School of Architecture (2)

               Amy Kent-52

               Shaelyn Vision-38

Prefer not to Respond- 12

Senator, J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences (13)

               Joe Kieklak- 483

               Wil Cheatham- 477

               Morgan Farmer- 464

               Haley Noga-463

               Luke Brasuell- 449

               Mark K. Cameron-410

               Ashton Williams -410

               Sterling Elmore-387

               Joseph C. Holloway-385

               Nathan Chadwick-367

               Conrad Witte-355

               Joe Youngblood-349

               Kelsey S. Boykin-339

Allen Franco- 338

Brian Barlow- 317

Nicole Rothfield- 313

Holden Warren- 298

Matt Reeves- 276

Tyler Wells- 275

Jordan Joeckel- 274

Jonathan Ladd- 250

Marcus Montgomery- 232

Alex Mardian- 202

Jordan Sumler- 185

Prefer Not to Respond- 492

Senator, College of Education and Health Professions (7)

                Molly McDaniel- 441

               Samantha Gerner- 433

Madi Wilkins- 410*

*Failed to Submit Campaign Expenditure Report, seat vacated and will be determined in fall 2013 Senate Vacancy Election

Senator, College of Engineering (5)

               Katy Thompson-208

               Will McComas-176

               Ethan Dollar-164

               Fallon Briana Pennington-154

               Parker Korita-152

Brett J. Cornell- 132

Fowad Siddiqui- 76

Wisam Siddiqui- 74

Prefer Not to Respond- 156

Senator, Graduate School/ School of Law (7)

               Madeleine Forrest-74

               Alex Marino-73

               Sanket Desai-70

               Michael Powers-68

               Rick Eyi-67

               James Wesolowki- 64

Prefer not to Respond- 66

Senator, Sam M. Walton College of Business (7)

               Clare Davis-364

               Ralph Bray-299

               Molly Hiller-295

               Omar Kasim-274

               Tori McChesney-273

               Rowan O’Brien- Williams-250

               Ray Todd-231

Daniel Ramsey- 247*

Ben Faubion- 225

Megan Sims- 225

Cole Howie- 222

Meghan Legaspi- 218

Weston T. White- 217

Spencer Anfosso- 204

Griffin Marczuk- 163

Prefer not to Respond- 353

*Failed to Submit Campaign Expenditure Report, seat vacated and awarded to next highest vote earner.

Constitutional Referendum Items

The ASG Impeachment Process Act of 2013, ASG Senate Bill 17

For a proposed constitutional amendment that allows the Legislative branch (Senate and Grad Congress) the power to issue and hear cases of impeachment of any Executive Officer, Cabinet Member, Justice, Senator, or Congress Member. This process will strike the powers and duties of the Associated Student Government Judiciary to investigate and hear ethic complaints against ASG Agents.


                              Yes- 2692

                              Prefer not to Respond- 2188

No- 373

The Senate Committee Restructuring Act of 2013, ASG Senate Bill 18

This amendment proposes that the current committee structure, which includes: The Ethics Committee, Appropriations Committee, Parking and Transit Committee, Press Relations Committee, Campus Safety Committee, The Constitution Code and Review Committee, Academics Committee, Campus Life Committee, and Diversity Committee be amended to include Campus life, Academics, Infrastructure and Internal Relations Committee. Campus Life will take on the duties of Sustainability, Diversity, and Campus Safety. Academics will remain active. Infrastructure will take on the duties of Sustainability and Parking and Transit. Finally, Internal Relations will take on the duties of Judiciary and Code and Constitution.


                              Yes- 2669

                              Prefer not to Respond- 2355

No- 229

Legitimizing Fresh HOGS, ASG Senate Bill 19

An amendment to make the Fresh HOGS (Freshmen Helping Our Government Succeed) Program an autonomous entity within the Associated Student Government with a budget of one percent of the total Program Allocations Board allocation for the Associated Student Government.


                              Yes- 2609

                              Prefer not to Respond- 2111

No- 533

Chair of the Senate

In addition, on Tuesday, March 5, 2013, the ASG Senate unanimously approved the following regarding Chair of Senate Elections. The individual will be sworn in on Friday, May 2, 2013:

               Amy May West