Thank you to everyone for participating in the 2020 Senate Fall Vacancy Election.

The following results have been reviewed and approved by a quorum of the ASG Judicial Branch.  

There were eight open seats for senators at-large.

Tracy Tanner received 315 votes.

Grace Wood received 268 votes.

Emily Heidemannn received 255 votes.

Brooklynn Warren received 234 votes.

Lathan Gregg received  227 votes.

Carson Doss received 200 votes.

Chloe Bevenue received 200 votes, but was disqualified for not submitting an expenditure report.

Agustin Reichhard received 162 votes.

John Richards received 122 votes.

Gage Reed received 107 votes.

Fuller Birch received 105 votes.

Hailey Petit received 102 votes.

Luke Long received 100 votes.

Kole Rector received 65 votes.

Congratulations to your new at-large Senators: Tracy, Grace, Emily, Brooklynn, Lathan, Carson, Agustin, and John!

There were five open seats designated for freshmen.

 Matthew Pollard received 78 votes.

Edie Mills received 72 votes.

Zeke Hundley received 71 votes.

Tyler Lemley received 63 votes, but was disqualified for not submitting an expenditure report.

Triston Apperson received 62 votes.

Cael Losengger received 50 votes.

Laith Kewan received 43 votes.

Paul Masoner received 31 votes.

Congratulations to your new freshman Senators: Matthew, Edie, Zeke, Triston, and Cael!

If you have any questions, please submit a contact form.