Beck Williams

Coordinator of the Associated Member Program



What is the Associate Membership Program?

The Associate Member Program is geared toward improving the campus community and providing interested students with the tools and knowledge necessary to become involved in student government and other service-based organizations on campus. AMP shows the associate members the inner workings of ASG, introduces them to the people who hold office, and encourages them to try out the different branches of government. By participating in AMP, associate members have the opportunity to learn about leadership on campus, improve their professional skills, plan and carry out campus-wide events, and of course make many new friends and positive memories!

Associate members also serve as vital agents of ASG by reaching out to students, faculty, and organizations to identify unaddressed issues on campus and develop ideas to combat them. They are given the opportunity to work with ASG senators and leaders to draft legislation and implement their solutions.

Why Join AMP?

AMP is a perfect program for any student who desires to be more involved on campus and grow their interpersonal skills and contacts. When you become an associate member, AMP will:

  • Introduce you to student leaders in ASG and around campus
  • Expand the number of university students you interact with on a weekly basis
  • Assist you in your pursuit to achieve positions with ASG
  • Inform you about opportunities for service and leadership on campus
  • Push you to engage in new activities and perform in unfamiliar roles
  • Allow you to address pressing student issues and develop solutions
  • Improve your public speaking and delivery skills
  • Create positive memories, layering your college experience

How Can You Join AMP?

Fill out an application using the link below! Meetings will be held bi-weekly on Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM starting in September 2020 and lasting throughout the school year. For more information or for AMP-related questions, please contact AMP Coordinator Beck Williams at

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