Beck Williams

Coordinator of the Associated Member Program



Associate Membership Program:

The Associate Member Program is a great way to check out Student Government, build leadership skills and give back to your community in a meaningful way. As a program affiliated with the Associated Student Government, our members will be introduced to the inner workings of ASG, meet the people who hold office and try out the different branches of government to see which one they have a knack for. At the end of the year, if they want to run for a position within Student Government, AMP will provide them with the advice they need to be a strong candidate and achieve their goals.

We aren’t just be focused on growing skills–we’ll also be putting them to work. The job of any government is to represent the voices of its people, but that’s pretty tough to do when you have no clue what those people want. AMP’s second function will be outreach to the student body, inviting them to share with us any comments, complaints or ideas that they have for our campus. From there, we’ll get to work with current senators to write bills, addressing the problems and creating tangible change. 

Throughout the course of the year, our members will take part in several simulations to give them first-hand knowledge of Executive Elections, Senate debates, Office of Financial Affairs reviews and Judicial hearings. Each semester we’ll host a fun event to learn the intricacies that go into event planning and give back to the student body. 

By the end of the year our members will have a pretty good idea of how this campus works and the tools to make it even better. 

Don’t just go to school, Run it.