Listed below are the voting results for the Associated Student Government Fall 2018 Vacancy Election. This election was held to fill at-large vacancy positions in the ASG Senate. The OFFICIAL results are posted as a result of judicial reviewing expenditure reports and therefore certifying the election. A total of 6,336 ballots were cast in this election. The vote count is representative of the number of votes a candidate received.
During this election, a senator resigned and vacated their seat, changing the number of 18 vacant seats to 19 vacant seats. Therefore, 19 seats have been filled from this election.
As per the ASG Code and Constitution, 5 at-large Senate seats are afforded to freshmen/transfer students. 2 freshmen participated in this election, and these seats are denoted by **.
The names in bold font have secured Senate seats.
Candidates who were disqualified are denoted by #.
Candidates who withdrew from the race prior to the close of voting are denoted by !.

Referendum Item: Shall the Constitution of the Associated Student Government be ratified?

Yes – 722
No – 128
Prefer Not to Respond – 859

ASG Senator, At Large

Candidates                      Number of Votes
James Gairhan              407
Kendall Perkins #            371
Grayson Lee                  360
Emily Daniels                 360
Warrington Sebree        331
Nabil Bhimani                308
Allen Lambert                307
Will Baker                       299
Emma Ehlers                  285
Colton Simpson             256
Hope Davenport             249
Austin Martin                  242
Sydney Belt                    241
Kate Sego                       228
Lizeth Martinez               214
Esteban Lopez               199
Ray Jackson                   186
Tony Roller                     173
Natalie Ceniceros           168
Samson Tamijani             133
Mallory Willis !                  131
Jordan Harmon                127
Rishi Kapshikar                126
Pranav Kolluru                  113
Price Northington              98
Jonny Goggins**             95
Parker Scott Ross             92
Josh Wilkes                       86
Raul Giron                         76
Zane Colvin**#                  75