Listed below are the voting results for the Associated Student Government Fall 2019 Vacancy Election. This election was held to fill at-large vacancy positions in the ASG Senate. The OFFICIAL results are posted as a result of judicial reviewing expenditure reports and therefore certifying the election. A total of 5,578 ballots were cast in this election. The vote count is representative of the number of votes a candidate received.
During this election, there were a total of 18 seats available in this election.
As per the ASG Code and Constitution, 5 at-large Senate seats are afforded to freshmen/transfer students. 1 freshmen participated in this election, and these seats are denoted by **.
The names in bold font have secured Senate seats.
Candidates who were disqualified are denoted by #.
Candidates who withdrew from the race prior to the close of voting are denoted by !.

ASG Senator, At Large