I have been an active member in the University community. This university has really given me a lot and I would love the opportunity to give something back. I have been a member of multiple groups and honors societies so taking on a new role with a group of individuals put together for a common purpose would be an easy task for me. I think that I would be a great addition to ASG and I know that I have the true characteristics of a Razorback.


I want to serve as an ASG GSC Representative because I feel that graduate students are so outnumbered by undergraduates; therefore, they are often underrepresented and not given much of a voice when it comes to issues that directly affect them. I hope to be able to contribute to the efforts already in place to give graduate students more of a voice on campus and to make positive changes.




Hello! My name is Jaden Atkins, and I want your vote for Graduate Student Congress Representative.I want to be your GSC Representative so that I can help bring graduate school students’ unique concerns to the university. Specifically, I aim this year to aid in the efforts to bring autonomy to the GSC, separating it from the ASG, the undergraduate’s student government. This would allow the GSC to be an equal partner with the ASG, allowing graduate students equal footing with our undergraduate counterparts. I will fight for your voice in school matters.I am currently a first-year law student at UofA, but I have been in the area for a long time. I graduated from Bentonville High School in 2013 and received a full scholarship to he University. I graduated magna cum laude from UARK last May with a Bachelors of Arts, majoring in Political Science and Philosophy and minoring in Legal Studies and Classical Studies. I was fortunate enough to receive a full scholarship once again to the UARK Law School and am very happy with my decision to stay in the area.While I was an undergrad at UofA, I was deeply involved with several student organizations. Over my time in undergrad, I was the President and Founder of the Young Progressives, President of Occam’s Razors, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Young Democrats. In each of these positions, whether I was founding a student organization or trying to plan an event, I had to spend a great deal of time dealing with the bureaucracy that is ASG. These experiences, as aggravating as they were at first, helped me to learn the ins and outs of ASG funding and governance, preparing me to represent you effectively.I was also heavily involved in the Fayetteville community while in undergrad. Much of this work involved political organizing. While in undergrad, I was the Assistant Manager and Canvasser for the NWA Raise the Wage Campaign, Volunteer Coordinator for the For Fayetteville Campaign, Northwest Arkansas’ Field Captain for the Bernie Sanders Campaign, and 3rd Congressional District Director for the Young Democrats of Arkansas, among other roles. I also dipped my toe in the legal field with internships at the Fayetteville District Court under Judge Storey and at the Washington County Public Defender’s Office. My political organizing and legal work helped me to sharpen my oral and written communication skills, organizing skills, and leadership skills. I expect each of these to be immensely helpful as I fight for your voice at the University. I am a big fan of Fayetteville and the University, but there are always ways to improve a good thing. Please help me help your voice be heard and vote for me for your Graduate Student Congress Representative.


While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I served two years as a Senator in the Student Government. During this time, I worked together with the other senators to resolve conflicts between the student body and the administration. Furthermore, as an international student, I collaborated with fellow senators to help improve the wellbeing of international students on my campus. My goal is to bring some of the same qualities that made me a successful senator at my undergraduate institution to ASG. I am interested in serving the graduate student body through negotiation of policies that will improve the wellbeing of all graduate student.


I would like to serve as a GSC representative to help shape the policy and climate for graduate students on campus and to help give voice to the concerns of graduate students to the broader University and NWA communities. I am also an active member of the Biology Grad Student Association (BGSA) and look forward to the opportunity to represent Biology students in GSC and to engage BGSA students in GSC activities.


I would like to serve as an ASG GSC Representative to help ensure some of the needs of graduate students, that are not currently being met, can be. Sometimes, since our average age is 34, we get overlooked in areas such as housing, healthcare, activities and financing – all crucial to our success. While serving, I hope to advocate for the graduate student population and work together with undergraduates as well as faculty to make sure our needs are met. I will advocate for more travel funding abroad and stateside, better housing options, graduate school activities and organizations, and try to help expand the services of Pat Walker Health, to include services relevant to students in their late 20’s to 40’s. I won’t just vote with the majority, I will vote with my fellow graduate students in mind. My post undergrad work includes working for my hometown chamber of commerce and with city hall to accomplish local and regional goals. I have also served on several non profit boards and would be honored to include this on my resume as well.


As an ASG GSC Representative, I would serve as a liaison between fellow law students and the faculty and staff of the University of Arkansas. My goal would be to communicate the needs of fellow students to those who can create meaningful change. I served in the US Air Force for six years, and I am currently a member of the Arkansas Air National Guard. While I was active duty, I was a Distinguished Graduate from Airman Leadership School, a professional military education program that instills leadership qualities in emerging supervisors. I believe my experience in the military makes me uniquely qualified to serve in a student leadership position.


As a student in the Higher Education program, I study policies and issues relating to higher education institutions. I recognize that as graduate students we are often overlooked. I would like to ensure that we have a voice and that campus decisions will benefit us. It is my goal to foster relationships between faculty/staff and graduate students and to ensure our graduate student rights are being protected in order to aid us in our career development and to create a positive graduate experience. It is important that we create an environment for graduate students to thrive at the University of Arkansas. I would appreciate your vote to have me serve as an advocate for you and other graduate students.



I have served in Associated Student Government for three years and I am excited to continue that tradition through GSC!


I want to bring awareness to the poverty that graduate students face compared to other developed coutries. Our humble pay is burdened by health insurance and class fees that other developed nations do not impose on their graduate students (i.e. Sweeden). With the rising costs of housing, every year becomes more difficult for a graduate student to live comfortably with their heavily taxed wages.


I transferred to the University of Arkansas as an undergraduate junior hoping to graduate with a political science degree and attend law school. Exactly three years later I have successfully accomplished those goals, and this fall I have started my 1L year at the U of A School of Law. Over my next three years here I want to work hard to not only achieve great things in the classroom, but I also want to work hard to achieve great things on campus. Running for Graduate Student Congress is the perfect collaborative platform in which all graduate and professional students can come together, discuss the issues impacting them, and come up with creative solutions. I am running for GSC because I am genuinely excited about all of the changes and improvements that we graduate and professional students can make to this already amazing university. Our voices are vital to this campus and I cannot wait to meet with you all and get to work. It would be an honor to serve as a Graduate Student Congress representative and I hope that I can earn your vote.



If elected to serve in the Graduate Congress, I will work diligently to further the interests of my fellow graduate students at the University, with an emphasis on strengthening our graduate community. I will pursue innovative and practical policies, and will use integrity as my guiding principle while in office.


I would like to serve as an ASG GSC Representative because I truly enjoy advocating for students, especially those I most closely align with. As a graduate student with previous experience as a National President of a collegiate agriculture organization, I feel that I can accurately and passionately represent the graduate students and be an advocate for those issues that we all strive to persevere through. I hope to help accomplish better childcare possibilities for graduate students.


I believe Graduate Student Congress is a great place to utilize my strong interpersonal, communication, analytical and leadership skills for a greater effect. I also believe by working in an environment where my energy and drive can be utilized, I will be able to contribute to the growing success of the university, and the Graduate Student Congress.I always excelled in my studies as well as engaging in leadership organizations such as the Student Government, President’s leadership Academy, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, International Student Association and All University Judicial Board at Southeast Missouri State University. My goal is to continue getting involved in university organizations and activities and represent the voice of all students at a graduate-level standing at University of Arkansas.



This will be an opportunity for me to serve with and learn from other GSC members. Being an international student, I have found a new home and community here at the University of Arkansas and having an opportunity to serve, give back and represent other graduate students including the international graduate students, would be an honor.If given the opportunity, I look forward to working with graduate students on campus to ensure that they get the best experience out of their graduate careers and also learning from them.


I received my BS in Public Health from U of A and I now working towards my master’s degree in Operations Management. It would be honored to be able to serve on GSC as a voice for graduate students in the College of Engineering, as well as International Graduate Students. I have always had a strong passion for helping and working with students, as I’m eager to implement a positive change wherever I can. I believe the ultimate goal is creating the best experience at U of A for each and every student. So that’s why I vow to do everything in my power to be your representative, and have a listening ear to any issue, from anyone who may have one.


I am currently the Treasurer for three law school groups and hope to use that experience to serve the GSC. I desire to bring graduate students from different programs together and make sure their specific needs are addressed by the University.


I want to serve as a Graduate Student Congress representative to ensure that the voices all graduate students are heard, particularly those of working professionals. Upon completing my bachelor’s degree in communication and political science at the University of Arkansas, I took an administrative role on campus and decided to pursue a master’s in communication. As a full-time employee and graduate student, it can be challenging juggling the demands of the office and of the classroom, a challenge I believe is overlooked by many on campus. Should I be elected as a GSC representative, my primary focus will be on increasing academic, emotional, and professional support to working graduate students. Additionally, I want to increase the level of communication between the Graduate Student Congress and the graduate student population at large.


As a brand-new member of the Razorback family, it’s important to me that I start contributing to the community immediately. Serving on behalf of my graduate cohort in the Graduate Student Congress will allow me to accomplish this desire while utilizing my past experience in student governance. At my previous institution (NC State University), I served as finance chair in Student Senate and Student Body Treasurer for the campus. During my tenure, I emphasized our budget as a blueprint for priorities and pushed my colleagues to creatively add value to each dollar students paid into the system. I hope to bring that same message to the University of Arkansas and would be honored to serve.


I hope to continue the Congress’ efforts to combat food insecurity, and to help bring about a new independent graduate student government on campus.


I would like to serve my fellow graduate students as an ASG GSC in order to help bring their voices to the university and student government. I would like to improve communications with graduate students and help build an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. I will work with the other representatives to help make changes that will benefit all graduate students.


Since I began my undergraduate career at the University of Arkansas in the Fall of 2012, I have been active and connected to the student body and university culture. I served as Chair of the University Programs Comedy Committee for 5 semesters and was an active member of the Headliners Committee and the KXUA campus radio station. As a current graduate student in the Geoscience department, I’d like to bring that same level of commitment and connection to the Graduate Student Congress.



GSC is an organization that sincerely cares about the success and well being of graduate students. As the current President of the Black Graduate Student Association, our mission for this year is to be intentional and impactful. It would be an honor to serve as a GSC Representative in order to help guide and serve other graduate students as they matriculate through their respective programs. This year I would like see more diversity and support within campus organizations, and promote initiatives that provide funding opportunities for minority and under represented graduate students in BGSA.


I have been a graduate student at University of Arkansas for a while now. In that time, like many grad students, I have focused almost exclusively on completing my studies, starting my career, and supporting my family. That is why I have only gradually came to notice the disparity–in opportunities, amenities, assistance, outreach programs, etc.–between graduates and undergraduates on this campus. We are all students, all Razorbacks, and it is important that we all remain united in supporting inclusion and resisting intolerance. However, in matters of particular interest to our student body and campus, we cannot deny that graduates and undergraduates are in different stages of life and career; as such, we have different responsibilities, and different needs. Undergrads are typically in their teens or early twenties, while grad students are often in their late twenties, thirties, and beyond. While many undergrads receive support from their parents, many graduates are parents with children of their own to support. As an ASG GSC Representative, I would give voice to the graduate students who, by our very nature, are often too involved in our lives and studies to speak out for our own interests.


As a GSC representative, I would like to use my experience as a graduate student to raise awareness of the common issues that are faced amongst our peers. Because of some problematic concerns in my first year as a graduate student I am addressing and resolving research and funding issues commonly faced by other students. I would even go as far as to address the uncertainty in finding research topics that are in a student’s particular interests. Among other issues of interest are food security and mental health resources.



I have been a student of the University since the Fall of 2012, first as an undergrad and now as a law student. I have been involved with various campus and community organizations throughout my time, and through these experiences, I have an illustrious knowledge of the needs and desires of the student body.


I have been a student here for 5 years. I have been given so much from this university, and I just want the chance to give back and make the student experience the best it can be. I have participated in many different groups and been apart of the community for a while now and I understand what it means to be a razorback. I want to be able to give the average student a voice.


I would like to serve as a GSC representative because I would love the opportunity to be a voice for the College of Education & Health Professions as well as graduate students across campus. I received my B.S in Zoology in 2014 and after a two years working at Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom I started my M.Ed in Higher Education Administration in January 2017. As a future Higher Education administrator, I would use my time and voice on GSC to promote and support the Division of Student Affairs, to gain valuable experience in the student government setting, and be a liaison between graduate students and university administration in all issues that effect the graduate student community.