I would like to personally thank you for your interest in the Associated Student Government and the University of Arkansas. Our beautiful campus is the flagship of our wonderful state and home to numerous historic buildings such as Old Main. However, the thing that makes this campus truly phenomenal is the people that make it up. The students, faculty, and administration are truly some of the most passionate, driven, and incredible people on the planet. It is truly an honor to serve as the Student Body President to such a prestigious institution.

The Associated Student Government is charged with acting as an organized voice for all students at the University of Arkansas. In every step of the way, our government is working to represent students in the University’s decision and policy making process while also working to provide students educational experiences through programming.

The 2019-2020 Associated Student Government is committed to breathing innovation into the organization and growing to better serve, engage, and focus on the issues that are relevant to the Student Body. This year, we are undertaking a number of groundbreaking initiatives from expanding the use of Open Education Resources on campus to eliminate overpriced textbooks, to establishing a mentorship network of Razorback alumni across the country. As students, you deserve and should expect a student government that is working for you and its existing organizations. Our aim is to unite and empower students from all ends of campus with the resources to be successful.

A central theme of our campaign last spring was the idea that it was time to be heard. Your voice and your opinion are something that matters here at the University of Arkansas. I actively encourage you to reach out and I would be thrilled to work with you on improving any part of our campus. Additionally, ASG has a number of different opportunities for those interested in serving the student body. I would love to see your name on an application or ballot in the future.

Regardless, I am in your corner and will be here to serve you throughout this academic year. Please don’t hesitate to reach to my personal email at asgpres@uark.edu should you need anything. It’s time for you to be heard.


Jared Pinkerton

98th President of the Student Body.

Jared Pinkerton

98th Student Body President