Administrative Boards, Committees, and Councils:

Arkansas Union Advisory Committee

The Arkansas Union Advisory Committee make recommendations on the formulation of general policy for the operation and use of the Arkansas Union, the allocation of Union space, and the monitoring of University Programs; acts as an advisory body for administration and business functions of the Union. (2 positions)

Building Facilities Committee

The Building Facilities Committee is a group of faculty, staff, and students that meet monthly. This committee functions as an advisory board to the Chancellor. It shall review and make recommendations concerning use of University facilities, and shall recommend priorities for construction and renovation projects. Before any significant facilities renovation or modification is initiated, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management will seek approval of the design and project from the Building Facilities Committee. General repair and maintenance projects are excluded from this review requirement, although annual facilities plans should be shared with the committee. (2 positions)

Computing Activities Council

The Computing Activities Council reviews, monitors, and recommends policies related to the needs, uses, budget allotments, and information control measures for computing facilities and functions as a hearing body for proposed modifications of those policies. Campus units responsible for computing resources will communicate in a timely manner to the computing activities council, for their review, plans that would affect the users of computing resources and facilities. Plans that should be communicated include statements of proposed policies and implementation standards (or changes in policy or implementation standards) and plans for the acquisitions and use of computing resources. (1 position)

Emergency Preparedness Council

The Emergency Preparedness Council recommends policies and plans for the development of emergency procedures. (1 position)

Health and Occupation Safety Council

The Heath and Occupation Safety Council recommend policies and procedures relating to general health and occupational safety of persons in the University community. Serves to coordinate the activities of the committees assigned to specific health-related or occupational safety areas: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Bio-safety Committee, Institutional Review Board (on the use of human subjects), Radiation Safety Committee, and Toxic Substances Committee. (2 positions)

Public Safety Council

The Public Safety Council serves as a monitor of the activities of the University Police Department, and makes recommendations concerning its operation. (3 positions)

Safe Ride Committee

Safe Ride is a program enacted by the Associated Student Government that allows students to travel safely home at night from Thursday to Saturday. By calling 575-S A F E (575-7233), a student is connected to a switchboard that will confirm his or her identity as a student and then send a van to pick up the student at his or her current location and return him or her home safely. (3 positions, must be transit users)

Student Media Board

The Student Media Board provides a body for input in establishing, reviewing, and amending policies for all regularly produced student publications. This includes appointing editors; establishing reasonable rules concerning the time, place, and manner of production and distribution of the publications; controlling and approving finances; and hiring and supervision of a professional business manager/advisor, as needed. (1 position)

Program Allocations Board

The Program Allocations Board at the University of Arkansas exists to allocate monies collected from the student activity fee to its directed programmatic fee areas. Monies allocated from PAB must directly further the organizations principals and purposes of its member areas. PAB does not give preferential treatment to any fee area in order to respect the diversity of the student body. (1 position)

Traffic Appeals Court

The Traffic Appeals Court adjudicates appeals of traffic and parking citations issued by the University Department of Public Safety and the Transit and Parking Department. (4 positions)

Transit, Parking, and Traffic Committee

The Transit, Parking, and Traffic Committee makes recommendations on transit operations, parking and traffic rules and regulations, parking facilities, traffic signals, traffic flow, and other matters related to streets, vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and parking. Recommends priorities for the expenditure (for new parking lot construction and resurfacing existing lots) of money received from parking registration fees and penalty charges. Receives and reviews petitions and suggestions on these matters from other University agencies and individuals. (1 position)

University Health Center Advisory Committee

The University Heath Center Advisory Committee reviews policies, programmatic changes, and annual budgets of the University Health Center and makes recommendations regarding fees and funding. (1 position)

Distinguished Lectures Committee

The Distinguished Lectures Committee is a student-led, student-centered programming board that is charged with bringing high-caliber famous speakers to the University of Arkansas. The committee is made up of students and faculty/staff that select, plan and implement two large-scale lecture events each year. (2 positions)

Headliners Concert Committee

Headliner Concerts Committee which is composed primarily of students, makes the decision on what big-name artist to bring to campus each year. The Student Activities Fee supports a limited number of free student tickets, which are made available through a reservation and pickup process.  (2 positions)

Sustainability Council

The University of Arkansas Sustainability Council, comprising faculty, staff, students and representatives from the Fayetteville community, seeks to support the University of Arkansas environmental stewardship mission. (3 positions)

HPER Building Advisory Committee

The HPER Building Advisory Committee recommends policies and procedures for the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) Building. (3 positions)

Landscape and Grounds Committee

The Landscape and Grounds Committee functions as an advisory board to the Chancellor. It shall review and make recommendations concerning use of University grounds and proposals for modification of space including grounds, walks, streets, parking areas, and other surface improvements. It shall recommend policies for enhancing and maintaining the University grounds. It shall also consider placement of buildings or additions to the campus physical plant. (1 position)

Campus Council Committees:

Artists and Concerts Committee

The Artists and Concerts Committee is responsible for policies concerning proposals, selection, administration and arrangement of programs sponsored by the Committee. (2 positions)

Student Honors, Awards, and Convocations Committee

The Student Honors, Awards, and Convocations Committee is responsible for the selection and supervision of honor societies; reviews the recommendations of the colleges and schools for University scholars; works with academic units and societies in providing appropriated recognition of student achievement and approves student convocations. (1 position)

Student Relations Committee

The Student Relations Committee recommends policy concerning general student-life matters. Recommends policies and guidelines to the Campus Council. (6 positions)

Student Financial Aid Committee

The Student Financial Aid Committee is responsible for determination of appeals on financial aid, and recommendations to the Campus Council for the development of policies and guidelines for the administration, coordination, and distribution of student financial aid. (3 positions)

Faculty Senate Committees:

Academic Standards Committee

The Academic Standards Committee adjudicates petitions for readmission and variance to academic policies and recommends policies or the modifications of existing policies concerning grading, examinations academic probation exclusion, and related matters, and reviews the enforcement and effectiveness of these policies. (3 positions)

Admission and Transfer of Credit Committee

The Admissions and Transfer Credit Committee is responsible for recommending policies on admission and transfer of credits and serving as an appellate board for individual petitions for variances. (2 positions)

Agenda Committee

The Agenda Committee consists of ten members: three faculty members, three staff members, three student members, and one member to represent the administration. (1 position)

Athletics Committee

The Athletics Committee oversees the Men’s and Women’s Athletics Department’s compliance with the academic standards established by the University and advises these departments on matters of academic concern. (2 positions)

Calendar Committee

The Calendar Committee drafts the academic calendar and makes recommendations concerning the calendar and academic schedule to the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate requests input from the Campus Council prior to their approval of the calendar and academic schedule. (1 position)

Campus Council Steering Committee

The Campus Council Steering Committee serves as a general steering committee to discuss matters of mutual interest and to assure communications. Membership includes the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Campus Council, two faculty members, two staff members, two students, and the Chair of the Agenda Committee, as an ex-officio voting member. They are elected from the membership of the Campus Council, as appropriate. (2 positions)

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education Committee is responsible for recommending policies and guidelines for the Division of Continuing Education for correspondence courses, extension classes, symposia, and other activities. This committee is responsible for planning the University’s long- and short-term activities in the area of distance education, evaluating the quality of offerings (courses and programs), and advising the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs on all associated matters. (1 position)

General Education Core Curriculum Committee

The General Education Core Curriculum Committee establishes the objectives of the general education core curriculum for the Fayetteville campus; reviews courses requested by college faculties to be added to the state-approved list of courses and recommends additions and deletions from that list; reviews the performance of UA students on the Rising Junior Exam and other assessments of achievement in general education in relation to the core assess education core curriculum to detect the need for, or possibility of, variances and undertakes other duties as required to ensure that the core meets the needs of this campus and its students. (2 positions)

Honorary Degrees Committee

The Honorary Degrees Committee recommends to the Campus Faculty nominees for honorary degrees to be conferred by the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. In the discharge of its functions it will be guided by the policies and procedures approved by Campus Faculty. (1 position)

Library Committee

The Library Committee recommends policies and guidelines concerning the use and development of library facilities. (2 positions

Research Council

The Research Council recommends policies to encourage research, establish a research environment, and provide research support facilities; serves as a review board for proposed research programs and facilities; recommends adjudication of variances to policies and procedures; supervises the approved policies; and addresses research misconduct cases at the direction of the Provost. (1 position)

University Course and Programs Committee

The University Course and Programs Committee is a committee jointly of the Faculty Senate and the Graduate Council. The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Graduate Council and the Faculty Senate for actions on proposals approved by a college or school for the following: 1) new courses; 2) changes in title, description, number, prerequisites, etc. of courses; 3) new undergraduate and graduate degree programs; and 4) modifications to degree programs. The committee is responsible for resolving questions concerning course numbering, course or program duplication, and completeness of course or program revision forms, and other questions pertaining to course and program changes, including compliance with administrative guidelines implementing Board Policy. Proposals made to this committee will be collected by the Graduate School and distributed to the members prior to each meeting. A summary sheet listing all recommendations from the committee is distributed with the agenda to the Graduate Council and the Faculty Senate prior to the meetings at which they are reported. Proposals, which affect graduate courses or programs, will be approved by the Graduate Council prior to consideration by the Faculty Senate. (1 position)