Welcome from the President



Hello, and welcome to the website of the Associated Student Government at the University of Arkansas!
As an organization, we are committed to ensuring that your experience as a Razorback is all that you expected and more. The vision of ASG is “to represent the common interests and voice of all students”, and that vision is at the forefront of every one of our programming, advocation, and philanthropic goals. Our organization exists to love, serve, and build community throughout every corner of campus.
As the organized voice for all students striving to effectively represent the campus interest, it is our sincere hope that you will utilize ASG to its full capacity. As student-leaders, we are always looking for student feedback and ideas in order to continue meeting the needs of the student body. We inspire to create a student government that is responsive to the needs of all students. We plan to innovate our organization and build upon our successes, while reframing our challenges as opportunities.  Together, we can ensure that the voices of over 27,000 University of Arkansas students are heard loud and clear.
The University of Arkansas is known not only known for its excellence in athletics and academics, but also as a place where Razorbacks are known to exceed expectations, make their mark, and exemplify leadership both inside and outside of the classroom. As the president of the Associated Student Government, I strongly encourage you to get involved within ASG. If student government isn’t your thing, then there are over 300 Registered Student Organizations for you to join. Our community is made a better and more unique place if it is populated by people that are honest about who they are, and what it is that they are passionate about.
The overall potential of our university is limitless. We possess all the qualities that are so desperately needed in the world today. Youth and drive; diversity and openness; and a ceaseless desire to explore new avenues for success. Our campus and our student government is made for this moment. Through faith and hard work, there is nothing that we cannot achieve. ASG is not here to be the campus, but to connect the campus. For a university that etches the names of its students in stone, let’s leave our legacy through every single that we do. Our hard work, determination, and capacity for kindness can be the legacy that we leave. 
John Paul Gairhan Jr.
97th Student Body President