The Executive Cabinet


2020- 2021 Chief of Staff,  William Motazedi

Contact email:

The Chief of Staff, in conjunction with the President and Vice President coordinates all activities of the members of the Executive Cabinet. Also, the Chief of Staff organizes and administers bi-weekly Executive Cabinet meetings.

2020-2021 Executive Cabinet Positions 

Applications for the 2020-2021 Executive Cabinet will be open on the Office of Student Activities Hogsync page from March 30th to April 13th. Cabinet changes from year-to-year and the list below is flexible.  

  • Director of Programming
    Part of the Cabinet Leadership team, this role oversees programs and events planned by the Executive Cabinet. Responsibilities include conducting bi-weekly 1:1 meetings and giving support to the Chief of Staff and Cabinet Members.

● Director of Policy
Part of the Cabinet Leadership team, this role oversees policy and legislative proposals for campus and ASG. Responsibilities include conducting bi-weekly 1:1 meetings and giving support to the Chief of Staff and Cabinet Members.

● Director of Marketing
The Director of Marketing helps coordinate external marketing efforts including social media, graphics, and posters. This position works to ensure there is equal representation of ASG agents on ASG platforms. They also help advertise programming while keeping students informed of legislation and policies. They are also responsible for responding to student questions/concerns on social media platforms.

1. Director of Diversity and Inclusion

a. The main mission for ASG’s Diversity and Inclusion program is to create a visible and transparent campus where students can work together to seek solutions to promote equal opportunity and an engaging atmosphere that ensures the dignity of all students. In this manner, ASG can celebrate freedom of discussion and diversity in ideas. ASG is committed to increasing students’ awareness of diversity and increasing the extent to which they value its significance through involvement and participation.

2. Deputy Director of Diversity and Inclusion

a. Assists the Director of Diversity and Inclusion with any duties and responsibilities outlined by the Director and the Chief of Staff. This role will have a specific focus on celebrating the LGBTQ+, religious, and cultural diversity of campus.

3. Director of Global Awareness

a. This position has a specific focus on coordinating events and policies that involve and reflect the needs of the international student community.

4. Director of Recruitment

a. Works to develop and implement recruiting strategies for the summer, fall, and spring terms. This role is designed to work with students interested in joining ASG, specifically the Associate Member Program and Freshman Leadership Forum programs. Summer availability for Freshman Orientation is highly recommended. This role will also focus on recruiting for campus committees in conjunction with the Membership Development Coordinator.

5. Director of Student Safety

a. Promotes the safety of all students and is responsible for planning Safety Week alongside various initiatives that respond to current campus safety issues. Areas of work also include communication with UAPD and coordinating safety walks that examine the lighting and infrastructure of the campus.

6. Deputy Director of Student Safety

a. Assists the Director of Student Safety with any duties and responsibilities outlined by the Director and the Chief of Staff.

7. Director of External Relations

a. Leads the Razorback Action Group and oversees ASG’s lobbying efforts at the state capital. The responsibilities of this position vary on the legislative agenda but aim to improve student life through legal advocacy. Students who are passionate about government, legislation, and the lawmaking process are encouraged to apply.

8. Deputy Director of External Relations

a. Assists the Director of External Relations with any duties and responsibilities outlined by the Director and the Chief of Staff.

9. Director of Athletic Relations

a. This position works closely with Razorback Athletic’s student relations officials and oversees the planning of events such as the International Gameday Experience, Hot Dogs with Head Hogs, and Rollin’ with the Razorbacks. Additionally, the Director of Athletics assists in promoting various sports programs such as the Student Access Pass.

10. Deputy Director of Athletic Relations

a. Assists the Director of Athletic Relations with any duties and responsibilities outlined by the Director and the Chief of Staff.

11. Director of Mental Health

a. The point of contact between CAPs and student government, this position works to destigmatize mental health through events and policy in order to promote positive outlets for mental health resources.

12. Director of Physical Health

a. The Director of Physical Health coordinates ASG’s platform with the Pat Walker Health Center in order to produce initiatives that improve UArk student’s understanding of health throughout their college career. They also work in close connection with the Pat Walker Health Center to challenge students to live healthier lives including, but not limited to, sexual health, personal fitness, and diet.

13. Director of Municipal Relations

a. Municipal relation focuses on building strong and lasting bonds between students, the university as a whole, and the cities or towns in Northwest Arkansas, particularly Fayetteville. Key areas of concern for this sector in ASG is advocating for a voting center on campus, being a liaison to Washington County, and registering students to vote.

14. Director of Open Access Resources

a. There is a large movement towards Open Educational Resources (free textbooks through an openly accessible source) on campus. Additionally, the introduction of a free New York Times subscription for all UArk students is an exciting enhancement to campus readership. The Director will oversee the introduction, implementation, and advertisement of these advantageous resources so that all students are able to utilize them. 

15. Director of Campus Life
a. Works to create unique and exciting change on campus that is meant to uplift student life. This position relies on someone with creativity and flexibility in order to have the best impact on student needs and desires. Furthermore, the Director of Campus Life meets bi-weekly with campus dining services to advocate for student needs.

16. Director of University Traditions

a. Coordinate events that support and advertise activities planned by the Student Alumni Board. Responsibilities also include involving ASG with traditions like Ring Week, Save Senior Walk, and UArk’s Birthday

17. Director of Special Events

a. The Director of Special Events’ responsibilities are broad and encompass some of the campus’ most cherished traditions such as Homecoming Court or the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Vigil. This position works with the VP to help with event planning and ensure that they are successful for all students involved.

18. Director of Academic Affairs

a. The main job of the Director of Academics is to push policy through the university administration that reflects the needs of the student body and to be a voice on campus for academic issues. This position works with curriculum, academic resources, and university policy. The director should constantly be working to ensure academic equity on campus

19. Director of Parking and Transit

a. The Work It Off program saves students thousands of dollars in parking fines every year. Facilitated by the Director of Parking and Transit, this program is one of the many responsibilities of this position. Additional responsibilities include serving on the Parking and Transit Committee and meetings with admin about parking issues on our campus. Students with interest in working with administration officials are encouraged to apply!

20. Director of Safe Ride

a. The Safe Ride Chair oversees the Safe Ride Committee, which is composed of health, transit & parking, and student affairs administrators. The chairperson also runs marketing & event programming for the Safe Ride program.

21. Director of Boss Hog Outfitters

a. Boss Hog Outfitters (BHO) provides business attire to university students during professional events, job fairs, interviews, and course projects. Both men’s and women’s professional attire is available for students to borrow at no cost. The Director of this role maintains a strong partnership with the Career Development Center in addition to leading a committee that helps maintain and advertise the BHO Closet in the Union.

22.Director of Sustainability

a. The Director of Sustainability works as a liaison between ASG and the Office for Sustainability. Additionally, the job involves advocating for on-campus and eco-friendly initiatives. The position also requires sitting on the Campus Sustainability Council and the Student Sustainability Coalition which helps RSOs collaborate on sustainable initiatives on campus.

23.Director of Veteran Affairs

a. Working to represent all veterans on our campus, this role advocates and highlights the military affiliates that commit themselves to defend the United States. Ranging from RSO outreach to honoring distinguished Razorback veterans, Director of Veteran Affairs is an important role that honors the nation’s heroes. Responsibilities include Veteran’s Day ceremonies and networking with ROTC.

24.Director of Office of Student Activities Outreach

a. This role coordinates communication between the Office of Student Activities (OSA) organizations such as the Volunteer Action Center, University Programs, and SOOIE. This ensures that ASG can not only uplift and support outside initiatives but also restrain and give them breathing room when needed. The Director ensures that lines of communication are open between the OSA admin, ASG, and other constituent members.

25.Director of Residential Outreach

a. Acts as a liaison between ASG and on-campus students. This role works to promote a healthy and productive relationship between the Residents’ Interhall Congress and ASG through a joint leadership meeting and other collaborative activities. Students who have experience with University Housing, Residents Assistants, and Residents Interhall Congress are encouraged to apply.

26.Director of Photography

a. Work with the ASG marketing department to produce and collect photos for ASG’s social media, website, and other external outlets. Knowledge and experience with photography and camera equipment is recommended.

27. Director of Multimedia

a. Assist the ASG Secretary in the production, distribution, and branding of graphics and multimedia content for ASG social media accounts and other marketing outlets. Students with a background in social media, graphic design, and content production are highly recommended.

28.Deputy Treasurer

a. Assist and advise the ASG Treasurer in her duties and responsibilities for the Office of Financial Affairs.

29.Advisor to the VP

a. Assist and advise the ASG Vice-President in his duties and responsibilities. This role has a heavy emphasis on event planning and organization.

30. Advisor to the President

a. Assist and advise the ASG President in her duties and responsibilities

31. Webmaster

a. Update and manage the ASG website. This position requires a knowledge of WordPress, accessibility features, and minor HTML.

32.Director of Committees and Faculty/Staff Relations

a. This connects ASG to the university faculty and staff to lobby on behalf of ASG legislation or platform initiative in need of Faculty or Staff Senate support. This area works in close connection with the Campus Committees and ASG’s Membership Development Coordinator to recruit and assign students to the various campus committees.

2020-2021 Cabinet Contact Information
Chief of Staff William Motazedi
Director of Programming Teia Anderson
Director of Marketing Nathan Martinez
Director of Policy Coleman Warren
Advisor to the President Lauren Loften
Advisor to the Vice President Elizabeth Ford
Deputy Treasurer Sam Cobbs
Webmaster Samuel Lipson
Assistant Webmaster Hannah Grace Kelly
Director of Photography Margaret Fitzgerald
Director of Multimedia Peyton Jobe
Director of Student Safety Jenna Ronquest
Deputy Director of Student Safety Dania Rahal
Director of Diversity and Inclusion JaCoby Hurst
Deputy Director of Diversity and Inclusion Alex Alvarez
Director of Athletics Amy Truitt
Deputy Director of Athletics Zach Clonch
Director of External Relations Abi Vance
Deputy Director of External Relations Andrew Kutchka
Director of Boss Hog Outfitters Ashlyn Raspberry
Director of Parking and Transit Anthony Kammerer
Director of Veteran Affairs Sara Gardner
Director of Residential Outreach Kristin Ryan
Director of Safe Ride Ramsey Ghaleb
Director of Global Programming Angel Meneses
Director of International Policy Prakshyapan Prasai
Director of Traditions Nicole Dominguez
Director of Open Access Resources Avery Hasten
Director of Campus Life Pierce Reitnauer
Director of Municipal Relations Billie Firmin
Director of Sustainability Sydney Golding
Director of Mental Health Tamia White
Director of Physical Health Jack West
Director of Committees/FS Relations Katie Strickland
Liaison to the Office of Student Activities Sani Tripathi
Director of Recruitment Elijah Conley
Director of Special Events Alexis Campbell
Director of Academics Stephanie Verdaris