The Executive Cabinet


Chief of Staff: Carus Newman

Contact email:

The Chief of Staff, in conjunction with the President and Vice President coordinates all activities of the members of the Executive Cabinet. Also, the Chief of Staff organizes and administers bi-weekly Executive Cabinet meetings.


Position / Program                                                                                                             Name                                                        Email



Chief of Staff Carus Newman
Deputy to the Chief of Staff Patric Waymire
Chair of The Razorback Readership Program Hunter Simmons
Co-Director of University Traditions Anna Cunningham
Co-Director of University Traditions Caroline Dallas
Director Campus Life Triston Cross
Director of Student Health Amarachi Onyebueke
Director of  Athletic Relations John Hedgecock
Director of University Philanthropy Alexander Johnson
Co-Director of Greek Affairs J’lynn Lowery
Co-Director of Greek Affairs Strohmann Breeding
Deputy to the Treasurer Elizabeth Kimbrell
Director of External Relations Trevor Villines
Deputy Director of External Relations Ben Cameron
Director of Municipal Relations Mariam Siddiqui
Chair of  Safe Ride Andrew Hudspeth
Director of Communication Emma Kate Dillon
Co-Director of Academic Affairs Jared Pinkerton
Co-Director of Academic Affairs Karsen Sims
Special Advisor to the VP Anna Cook
Director of Student Safety Maria Calderon
Deputy Director of Student Safety  Lexi Robertson
Co-Director of Diversity & Inclusion Elonay Yehualeshet
Co-Director of  Diversity & Inclusion Samia Ismail
Director of Multimedia  Ken Shew
Director of  Associate Member Program Mateo Lopez
Deputy to the Secretary Caleigh Pickard
Special Advisor to the President Julia Nall
Director of Special Events Tommy Davis
Director of Sustainability William Motazedi
Director of Parking and Transit Samuel Lipson
Deputy Director of Student Engagement Amanda Funderburg
Director of Veterans Affairs Noah Smith
Liaison to Faculty/Staff Gabe Edwards
Director of Boss Hog Outfitters  Audrey Walker
Director of Membership Engagement Avani Patel
Liaison to ASG Senate Brandon Davis
Director of Data Analytics Luke Turner
Director of Membership Engagement Shay Longmate


Associate Member Program


Mateo Lopez, Director of Associate Member Program

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This Program works to get University of Arkansas students involved with ASG through the Associate Member Program. Associate Membership is designed to introduce students to the Associated Student Government while observing and participating in limited, specific activities as agents of ASG. Student directors of this program provide leadership to the Associate Members through the organization and implementation of the Associate Member Program.


Razorbacks Readership Program

Hunter Simmons,  Chair of Readership


Readership Map

Readership Bins Location:

Hall Location
Bell Engineering
Gearheart Hall
Arkansas Union Mall
 Mullins Library
Transit Station



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Boss Hog Outfitter



Audrey Walker, Director of Boss Hog Outfitters (BHO)

 Contact Email:

For more on BHO click here Boss Hog Outfitters

Boss Hog Outfitters (BHO) provides business attire to university students during professional events or who need to look the part for job fairs, interviews, and course projects. This program encourages students to appear smart and elegant in all professional events.  For the past years Boss Hog Outfitters has maintained a strong partnership with the Career Development Center at the university so as to collaborate on job fairs, fashion shows, and other student outreach programs hosted by the center. Students who need formal business attire for career events and interviews can stop by the ASG Office in the Union for more information or email

Transit & Parking

Samuel Lipson, Director of Transit & Parking


Contact Email:

Click here; Work It Off Program

Athletic Relations

Athletic Relations

The athletic relation is a program that ensures that students gets the most enjoyable experience possible during Razorback athletic events. The student director for the program explore ways throughout the year to unite and excite our student fan base to new levels; lead the publicity effort for the Student Access, incentive students to attend all athletic events

Diversity and Inclusion

Contact Email:         Click here for details; Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion: 

The main mission for ASG on Diversity and inclusion program is to create a visible and transparent campus where students can work together to seek solutions to promote equal opportunity and an engaging atmosphere that ensures the dignity of all students. In this manner ASG can promote freedom of discussion and diversity in ideas.  ASG is committed to increasing students’ awareness of diversity and increasing the extent to which they value its significance through involvement and participation. 

 Samia Ismail, Co-Director of Diversity and Inclusion


Data Analystics

Luke Turner, Director of Data Analytics

 Contact Email:

Data analysis is an essential part of our organization, for improving our governing body. This core area of the student government focuses on a strategic scoring system that collects ASG data on all events, including student attendance, cost, and details on attendees. After which the data is interpreted and analyzed using statistical techniques. This system of data collection helps the student government to improve the efficiency of its planned events and the quality of leadership provided at those events.

Academic Affairs


Contact Email:

External Relations

Trevor Villines, Director of External Relations

Click here; Razorback Action Group

Ben Cameron, Deputy Director of External Relations

Veterans Affairs

Noah Smith, Director of Veterans Affairs

Contact Email:

Greek Life

Greek Affairs:

Why go Greek? Greek affairs consist of all issues affecting fraternities or sororities on campus. Joining a fraternity or sorority open opportunities and limitless doors during and after college. It breeds an atmosphere of positive thinking and destroys self-mediocracies. The University of Arkansas has a rich tradition of Greek life, so Greek is very paramount in the affairs of student government.

Co-Directors of Greek Life (1) J’Lynn Lowery (Email: )  and Stronmann Breeding ( )                           

Safe Ride

Andrew Hudspeth, Chair of Safe Ride


For more about the safe ride, Click here Safe Ride






Municipal Relations
Municipal Relations:

Municipal relation focuses on building strong and lasting bonds between students, the university as a whole, and the city or towns in northwest Arkansas particularly Fayetteville.  Key areas of concern for this sector in ASG is to establish a voting center on campus, be a liaison to Washington County and County Judge Joseph Wood and deliberate on the possible ways to obtain student seats on the University Board of Trustees. Also, ASG will work to expand the Razorbacks Medical attention & Reporting Alternative Resolution Policy. It is a lifesaving policy on campus for students and with a similar option commonly known as a “Good Samaritan Policy”.

Mariam Siddiqui : Director of Municipal Relations


Student Health

The Director of Student Health works with the Director of External Relations to expand the University’s medical amnesty policy (laws or acts enacted to protect from liability those(students) who seek medical attention as a results of illegal actions) to include control substances and ensure that fear of retribution does not hinder the decision to seek help in a medical emergency. The director also works in close connection with the Pat Walker Health Center and challenges students to live healthier lives including, but not limited to, sexual health, personal fitness, diet and mental health.

Director of Student Health:  Amarachi Onyebueke


Student Engagement

Student Engagement:






The Director of Student Engagement ‘s main function in the Executive Cabinet is to connect our nearly RSO’s with resources available within ASG and SOOIE. This act of engagement process which includes ASG participation such as voting and attending events is unique for student government to improve student’s involvement and organizational activities on campus. Student engagement is very paramount for ASG because this demands a degree of attention, interest, optimism, and passion that students show through involvement and leadership learning events. The ASG Director of Student Engagement acts as a liaison for all registered organizations and build a lasting healthy relationship with both ASG and SOOIE.


Membership Engagement
Membership Engagement:

The Director of Membership is in charge of ensuring that all members of the executive Cabinet are participating and giving out their best support to ASG. The student in this position assists the Chief of in keeping track of the engagement of members and alerting them to exceptional cabinet members.

What truly matters in member engagement for ASG at the University of Arkansas is to develop measurable goals, adopt problem-solving attitudes, consistent in communication and develop an action plan that can address the needs of the cabinet, senate, judiciary members and ASG as a whole. This section in ASG gives reasons for students within the Associate Student Government to join and participate in the organization’s activities.

Director of Student Engagement: Avani Patel (Contact:

Special Events
Special Events:

ASG has her core annual executive coordinated events that target students, faculties and other dignitaries to participate. The Director of Special Events assists the Vice President in the planning of important events that take place throughout the year, such as the Chancellor’s Ball, Homecoming Court, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Vigil.

Director of Special Events:  Tommy Davis


Liaison to Faculty & Staff
Liaison to Faculty & Staff:

This connects ASG to the university faculty and staff to lobby on behalf of ASG legislation or platform initiative in need of Faculty or Staff Senate support. This area works in close connection with the Chair of Senate to identify legislation going before ASG Senate that should be discussed with university faculty and staff. The Liaison to Faculty & Staff still continues to look for possible ways of free counseling service on legal issues at the Law School for all students.

Liaison to Faculty staff: Gabe  Edwards



Liaison to ASG Senate

Liaison to ASG Senate:

This liaison is responsible for connecting Cabinet members to Senators who are working on projects that may pertain to their position. The liaison to Senate works in the close connection between two branches of ASG to update Cabinet on issues and progress happening in Senate and vice versa.

Liaison to ASG Senate:   Brandon Davis

Annual Programs and Events

Fall Events

  1. Diversity Week RED Talks: Diversity
  2. It’s On Us ASG Events: It&#8217’s On Us Week
  3. Rollin’ With the Razorbacks Rollin’ With the Razorbacks
  4. Crosswalk Safety Day – 10/11
  5. Community Celebration Week – 10/22-10/26
  6. Fight the Flu – 10/30-10/31 
  7. Lighting the Way Campus Safety Initiative – 10/30 
  8.  Scooter Safety Day – 11/7

Spring Events

  1. Opioid and Substance Abuse Awareness Week
  2. Earth Week
  3. Scooter Saftey Week
  4. Diversity with Humans
  5.  Health Week
  6. Operation Toy Soldier