Freshman Leadership Forum

Mission: To educate and engage freshmen in the process of shared governance at the University of Arkansas.

Vision: Freshman Leadership Forum members will develop leadership skills and increase awareness of diversity in order to effectively represent fellow students in the future. Freshman Leadership Forum members will learn the operations of ASG through interactive educational programming, serving in multiple roles within the organization, and intentional networking.

John Hedgecock

2019-2020 Freshman Leadership Forum Coordinator

John Hedgecock is a senior Business Management major from Bentonville, Arkansas. He completed the Freshman Leadership Forum program in 2017, and for the past two years, he has served on Associated Student Government cabinet as the Director of Athletic Relations and Advisor to the President. John has served as Vice-President of the Razorback Foundation Collegiate Board, is a cell group leader at Fellowship Bible Church and is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.


2019 – 2020 Freshman Leadership Forum Staff 

All members of the Freshman Leadership Forum Staff will attend FLF meetings and FLF staff meetings every week from 5:30-7:00. They will also assist in choosing the FLF members and award outstanding members with FLF member of the month/year. Members of staff will also fulfill their individual duties as specified below. Each staffer will lead a small group of freshmen (7-8). They are expected to meet with their group and discuss various ASG activities or their goals for the program in general.

Stephanie Verdaris – Assistant Coordinator

The Assistant Coordinator will assist the Coordinator with administrative tasks such as taking attendance, keeping track of office hours, recording service hours, and running the mentor program and will report these to the Coordinator regularly. This position will make sure that both staff and member meetings are running according to schedule. He will also assist the FLF coordinator on any necessary duties including funding allocations of the budget.

Katie Strickland & William Motazedi – Co-ASG Branch Coordinators

The ASG Branch Coordinators will plan the Senate Simulation and the Executive/Judicial Simulation. Additionally, the Branch Coordinators will manage the Freshman Proxy system in coordination with the Chair of Senate. The ASG Branch Coordinators will assist the Coordinator in presenting recent ASG initiatives to the Freshmen, as well as presenting relevant aspects of the ASG Constitution and Code on a regular basis.

Julia Nall & Michael Fuhrman – Co-Big Event Coordinators

The Big Event Coordinators will plan the annual Big Event in the spring, as well as the new Campus Event in the winter. The Big Event is an annual event planned by the freshmen which benefits the community in a philanthropic manner. The Coordinators will organize the freshmen and report their progress to the Coordinator regularly.

Coleman Warren – RSO Outreach Coordinator

The Student Organizations Coordinator will organize speakers from organizations across campus to talk to the Freshman about different ways they could be involved as leaders on campus during their college career. Additionally, the Student Organizations Coordinator will assist the Coordinator in recruiting freshmen through various groups on campus.

 Alison Creasey – Leadership Development Coordinator

The Leadership Development Coordinator will think of inventive ways to teach Freshmen tools they will need to succeed as a leader on campus. Programming may include but is not limited to resume reviews, interview practice, information about applications on campus, how to type a professional email, how to get a vendor to sponsor an event, how to meet with an administrator, how to manage your time, leadership tips from various renowned campus leaders, and more. Finally, the Leadership Development Coordinator will operate the ASG Mentor program

Katie Gardner – Mentor Development Coordinator

The Mentor Development Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, pairing, and implementing the mentorship program within Freshman Leadership Forum. The main focus of this position is to empower mentors to support and effectively lead their mentees. In this role, he or she will be required to set the guidelines for the mentorship program, hold mentors accountable, provide opportunities for mentors and mentees to meet up and conduct the mentorship pairing process.