The purpose of the Associated Student Government Judicial Branch is to enforce the Code and Constitution and ensure that all  agents within the orgnanization are acting with the utmost integrity, so that the Associated Student Government may continue to properly serve the needs of the student body effectively and correctly. We establish hearings, after a complaint is valid, to seek and analyze all of the evidence pertaining to that specific complaint. We adhere to all rules of confidentiality and treat all students with respect. We remain unbiased to all students, therefore ensuring that all individuals are meeting the standards set forth in the Code and Constitution. 

The Judicial Branch is composed of nine Associate Justices and two Judicial Proxies. Each student that comes before the Judicial Branch, we view them as learners who are growing and maturing. We consistently hold all students accountable and help them understand that their behavior may influence the actions of others. We create a clear understanding that failure to adhere to the standards of the Associated Student Government Code and Constitution will jeopardize their opportunity to remain in the organization. 



                                                                      -Justyce Yuille, Chief Justice





ASGJ General Complaint




Justyce Yuille

Chief Justice

Office Hours:
Wednesday 3:30 – 5:30
Thursday 2:30 – 5:00


For questions regarding the ASG Judicial Branch, please contact the ASG Chief Justice, Justyce Yuille, at

For any complaints regarding ASG, please reference the general form attached.