Governing Documents


  • 9 Justices – Term is 3 academic years
  • 2 Proxies – Term is 1 academic year
  • Ex-officio, non voting members
  • Advisor serves as ex-officio, non voting member
  • Appointed by ASG President, Confirmed by Senate, GSC
  • Judicial Appointments, if made

Judiciary Responsibilities

  • To ensure fair and equitable treatment of all who come before you.
  • To consider all evidence fully and carefully before arriving at a decision.
  • To treat all students who appear before you with respect and dignity.
  • To adhere to all rules of confidentiality.
  • To uphold the standards set forth the ASG Constitution and Code.


  • Report any effort to influence the Judicial board
  • Inform the Chief Justice and the ASG Advisor if you have any personal knowledge about a case that may cause you to be biased.
  • Review all case information prior to the start of the hearing
  • Maintain confidentiality as required
  • Attend all scheduled hearings and training sessions

Student Growth and Development

  • View students as learners who are growing and maturing.
  • Hold all students accountable for their actions.
  • Allow students to experience the consequences of their choices.
  • Aid students in understanding that their behavior may influence others.
  • Give them standards for examining their progress toward the attainment of those behavioral standards’
  • Make clear that failure to understand and act on those standards will jeopardize his or her opportunity to remain in ASG.

When does ASGJ Convene?

  • ASGJ membership issues
  • Asked for an interpretation of the Constitution or Code
  • Planning Elections & Events
  • Election Complaints
  • Allegation of misconduct filed against an elected or appointed ASG agent


For questions regarding the ASG Judicial Branch, please contact the ASG Chief Justice, Justyce Yuille, at

For any complaints regarding ASG, please reference the general form attached.